Nutrisystem Fast Five Review

20140116202551-bWeight loss has been a horrendous task for most of the people across the world. The daunting diet schedule and the tedious workout routine make people put off their effort in the mid way. Considering the tremendous efforts that one has to put in for losing weight people are on the lookout for a program that simplifies weight loss. Nutrisystem presents diet plans that are not demanding and also ensures that you lose weight following all the diet rules. Enrolling with Nutrisystem you need not worry about counting calories or portion sizes on a daily basis.

Diverse Diet Plans

Nutrisystem delivers prepackaged diet foods at the dieters’ doorstep. The meals are nutritionally balanced and are devoid of saturated fats. Nutrisystem has plans for men, women, seniors and people with health conditions like diabetes. By using Nutrisystem discount coupons while ordering diet meals, dieters can save a substantial amount of money. All plans include a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes along with desserts and snacks. Nutrisystem encourages dieters to eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits as part of their diet plan. Recently, Nutrisystem has introduced two new diet plans namely Nutrisystem Fast Five and My Way which are designed keeping dieters expectations in mind. Among the two, Nutrisystem Fast Five guarantees a weight loss of 5-pounds in the first week of following the diet plan. Let us see how it works.

Nutrisystem Fast Five

Nutrisystem Fast Five promises to offer 5 pounds of weight loss in the first week of following the diet program. The program offers unique breakfast, lunch and dinner meals for a week that are designed to accelerate weight loss. The program also provides energizing shakes formulated for both men and women which on consumption boosts the system. The shakes are fortified with vitalizing B vitamins, caffeine and green tea extract. They also include vitamin D and calcium which help in strengthening the bones. The plan also offers Craving Crushers which are thoughtfully included to arrest the hunger pangs. This prevents you from frequenting to vending machines and office canteen. The shakes are also enriched with antioxidants and vitamins which serve as health boosters.

Nutrisystem is highly confident about the efficacy of Fast Five program; to show this they have extended a money back guarantee. The dieters who are not 100% satisfied with the program can claim their money back within 14 days from the purchase date. Overall the program assures a guaranteed weight loss in the first week if the rules are adhered to strictly.

How to join the program?

People who wish to join the Fast Five program or any other diet plans of Nutrisystem can visit the official website of Nutrisystem or use the phone support. Nutrisystem delivers the packages in good condition at the doorstep without any delay. Dieters can also avail discounts on Nutrisystem diet plans as the company sends out coupons every now and then. Nutrisystem also provides gift coupons which are ideal gifts for friends or family members who aspire to lose weight.

Final words

Nutrisysem Fast Five is designed to lose weight in the quickest possible time. It is very ideal for beginners to jumpstart their weight loss journey. For a sustained weight loss, customers can look upon other established Nutrisystem diet plans and get expert counseling. All Nutrisystem diet plans are designed to offer weight loss in a systematic and healthy way.